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One and half decade’s incessant effort in learning and development to bring the best management possibilities for the industries and corporate has made us competent and equipped enough to guide individuals, groups & organizations. Catalyst endeavors to harness the human skill, process, strategy and leadership within. We patronage wholesome growth of the organization, for what our effort is to identify the issues ranging from human skills to process out puts to business growth.

Catalyst takes care of individuals through training and counseling. Corporate care is rendered through behavioral, sales, functional and team level trainings and related interventions. Production units and industries are supported by competitive advantage analysis; branding exercises; Policy development support and compliance support to international standards.

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We conduct risk based Food Safety / Sanitation / Quality Systems Audits. We have developed Strong parameters to cover the micro level system parameters. WE review the corrective action for the Inspection deficiencies and monitor the status of corrective action at the inspected facilities.


The European Union’s FLEGT Action Plan identifies a range of measures to address the problem of illegal logging and related trade. The Action Plan places particular emphasis on governance reforms and capacity building in timber-producing countries.


In spite of holding vast natural resources of stones and a pool of good craftsmen, the Indian export industry is facing stiff competition from other countries. The basic reason of slow growth rate is lack of conducive govt policies.

Lean Management


With years of experience in domain of lean management, strategic HR, compliance, quality assurance, etc DCS is your partner of choice for success in the path of cracking maturity assessment models like Zero Effect Zero Defect (ZED). Ensure that your organizations is strategically placed above the rest with latest in maturity assessment in the Indian MSME sector

Based on the principles of Lean Six Sigma, our engineers strive to identify wastes, error proof systems, reduce complexity of flow, provide plant layout consultancy and bring processes under statistical control to achieve optimum output

Are your systems running with optimum efficiency? Is your team ready to handle any contingency? Do you have a management system in place to convert individual liability to team responsibility?
Conformance to Performance (C2P) provides customized solution to the above questions in a time bound solutions package.

DCS understands that great leaders drive great enterprises, with our customized leadership enhancement programs like ethical reprimand, effective communication, fact based decision making, empathetic reasoning, etc we make sure that the leader inside you is unleashed and utilized to the optimum levels.

DCS supports your vision for accepting change! With our customized suites for Management change, technological change, etc. equip your team to handle organizational issues with the time tested tools and achieve significantly higher outputs.

Strategic Growth Model based on People, Process & Performance is the flagship consultancy program derived with over 20 years of consultancy experience in the Indian MSME sector

DCS assists in the development and implementation of the organization’s overall strategic plan and will assist in developing effective communication strategies to keep all of your constituencies informed. DCS helps hospitals with validated action plan strategies to enter the market, sustain the growth and control the costs on principles of LEAN management.

Grow as an Individual; Team & Organization is focused on implementing a robust growth system which takes into account the one unique resource which only you possess – Your Team.

Client Relationship

We believe in creating change with established relationship. Our client relationship is like partnership and truly believes our success in a result of your growth and success. We are focused to provide close personal attention to clients. We take pride in assuring that the personal and customized solutions you receive from years of management experience, research & development and advanced training..

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