Information Management System (ISMS)

information Security Mgt System

DETROIT Consulting and Sourcing helps an organization to design, implement and operate with a coherent set of ISMS policies, standard, and procedures  to manage risks to its information assets. DCS Strategise,Implement and Operate under Isms to provide assurance/attestation to stakeholders 

Clients have cited several benefits associated with implementing a formal ISMS and achieving certification:

  • Increases potential client base and sales pipeline through satisfying specific contractual demands
  • Protects the value of IT investments
  • Reduces reputational risk
  • Integrates disaster recovery / business continuity
  • Formalises the asset inventory
  • Avoids security incidents lying dormant and dropping off the radar
  • Embeds continuous improvement in information security processes
  • Assists external financial auditors and simplifies the audit process

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