Do you believe in team work for organizational growth?

Do you feel the absence of a strong team?

Is your team lacking interest and confidence?

Do you feel your team is not up to the label?


There is a leader inside every Entrepreneur, but many a times partially or not unleashed.Entrepreneurs are the real exhibitor of leadership traits.

Having technical or trade expertise is the fuel to run an enterprise, but organizational traits are to sustain the speed with wholesome growth. The growth of an enterprise solely depends on the traits the leader displays and practices.

Organizations with a sound start up gets into monotonous runway and working environment becomes non-conducive for creativity, innovation, involvement, accountability, supportive & team spirit.

All these developments route through the leader. Bringing a change to the workforce and organization is a planned and constructive one that is to be directed through the top management. This programme constructs a path that understands the past and present leadership traits and organizational behavior versus the outputs.

Based on the observation the coaching and consulting of the leader starts to hone the individual & team dynamics. The entrepreneur get trained for organizational behavioral trait understanding and aligning the vision & values to the work force.

Target group

Individuals making their maiden startups in the manufacturing, hospital & software generally needs to synchronize the Individual, team and organizational traits to directed towards the common goal.

Old organizations with less profitability and less staff accountability can get great benefits to align the primitive work strategies with the modern work culture.


Trait analysis at Organizational,Team and Individual Level.

Identification of issues at organizational level

Brain storming the issues and relating the causes with the organizational behavioral dynamics.


Entrepreneur hone the knowledge to

  • Communicate according to the individual.
  • Will develop the skill to reinforce and reprimand at right time and proportion.
  • Will able to introduce an enjoyable work culture.
  • Sound decision making.
  • Create an accountable second and third line to carry the organizational vision.
  • Organization can be benefited in the sustainable growth path.
  • Process will be optimized by a team.
  • There will be transformation from Individual oriented organization to system based organization.


Six months to Ten months