Since the company is already certified, we need to bring management’s attention on the processes so that they do not slip off the main track and their working practice as per the process can be kept on track


Companies after certification becomes relaxed and have the tendency to follow the previous easy path as per their habit. Our objective is to keep them on track as per the process defined


Target group

All those clients already been certified and the factories those have need for continual improvement are our targets.

What It Covers

We will be covering the following fields

  • Training to the team.
  • System parameter development
  • Regular audit of the systems to map the growth.
  • Documentation of different levels to monitor the consistency.
  • System gap analysis (infrastructure, documentation, knowledge).
  • Monitoring of present system to adhere the quality, safety, environmental & social standards.

Conformance to Performance

  • Do you have regular audit system?
  • Have you got a strong QMS system?
  • Are you getting your desired result?
  • Is your organization system dependent?


  • Easy to amend and correct the process
  • Management need not to directly involve in process making
  • Hierarchy in the system becomes very evident and makes the system smooth.