Housekeeping by 5 S

5 S

Detroit hand holds with you to create workplace efficiency.We conducts short class room training followed by a Hands-on workshops in a pilot area.For sustainability we develop tool box topics for the shop floor.”Learning by action” principle brings improvements  in the shop floor pre-defined for this purpose.

The key benefits of 5S are:

  • Less Waste (Improved Efficiency)
  • Reduced Space Used For Storage
  • Improved Maintenance
  • Improved Safety
  • Better, More Committed Employees
  • Improved Quality



3 hours intro seminar

The team will be introduced to “5S”work efficiency model and will be abriefed with the tools of “5S” deployment. This will open the mindset of the team towards latest House Keeping  practices and  concepts.

2 days workshop

The team will be introduced with the tools of “5S” and its use for process efficiency. Through simulation the team will be explained the conventional House Keeping  vs ” 5S” based House Keeping. 

2 months handholding

This will be a consultancy programme focusing on the present Housekeeping culture and transition to “5S” based working.The tools of “5S” will be introduced and the team will be guided for independent execution.