Grow as Individual,Team and Organisation

Grow As Individual Team And Organization ( GITO)

  • Do you feel the pressure of work? 
  • Do you spend a lot of time in the factory to bring the things in line? 
  • Have you ever experienced the lack of responsiveness of your key persons? 
  • Is your organisation vision and values fails to get the support of your team?




Personal attributes are  key to organisational growth.We vividly analyse the present competency level of the individual and create a road map to work on. Based on the road map we develop the bridging tools like training,coaching,tasks.This growth plan contributes to growth of an individually on behavioral and professional front to support the TEAM cause. Some of the areas you can see the individual transformation are Communication,anger management, Negotiation,Team Player,Prioritisation ,Time management, Handling tough situations ……. 


A sound team in work smoothen the organisational transition and a trained team  always motivated to take ownership . DCS hone the team to create visible change in the fields innovation and excellence.Through this model the team will get to understand the attributes like;

  • Teams and importance of internal alignment to serve the external customer
  • Empathy and Communication effectiveness
  • Support and relationships
  • Trust at workplace
  • Cooperation and Conflict
  • Appropriate Leadership
  • Collaboration and synergy
  • Personal action plan


Value aligned and aligned vision is the out put of individual and team growth. This will make organisational journey more interesting and targeted .The happiness quotient increases with this programme and it fosters organisational changes proactively.

DCS has expertise to ensure smooth transition through the different growth stages.  


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