Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+FSA)

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The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance Scheme (GMP+ FSA scheme) was initiated and developed in 1992 by the Dutch feed industry in response to various more or less serious incidents involving contamination in feed materials. Although it started as a national scheme, it has developed to become an international scheme that is managed by GMP+ International in collaboration with various international stake-holders.

 The GMP+ FSA scheme is a complete scheme for the assurance of feed safety in all the links of the feed chain. Demonstrable assurance of feed safety is a ‘license to sell’ in many countries and markets and participation in the GMP+ FSA scheme can facilitate this excellently.

 The basic principle of the GMP+ FSA scheme is that the feed chain is part of the food production chain. Proper quality assurance of feed safety throughout the feed chain has a high priority. It is important that companies take their responsibilities in this respect by responding in a proper and convincing way to the need for safe feed materials in the food production chain.

Based on needs in practice, multiple components have been integrated into the GMP+ FSA scheme, such as requirements for the quality management system (ISO 9001), GMP+FSA, product standards, traceability, monitoring, prerequisites pro-grammes, chain approach and the Early Warning System.

 Together with the GMP+ partners, GMP+ International transparently sets clear re-quirements so that feed safety is guaranteed and certification bodies are able to carry out GMP+ certification independently.

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