Quality Management System (QMS)

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To ensure Quality ,it is necessary to make systematic controls at every stage & also to take critical review of efforts and achievements of the company with respect to Quality of the product. Every employee’s involvement is utmost important in understanding the problems, finding solutions & implementing them. All these actions would lead to maintain and improve quality and reliability of product. Poor assurance quality system results in production of products or services that are poor in quality and reliability. Hence company’s standardization is now an important effective management tool for improving quality and productivity. Quality & standardization are the two essential prerequisites for a company to market its product and services in the competitive business environment. As the standards move from one level to the higher they should meet increasingly diversified and enlarged set to needs: hence the national & international standards are broader based.

       Benefits ISO 9001

  • It provides opportunity to create & improve the quality system in the organization.
  • Qualification to bid on tenders improves.
  • The organization gets the privilege to make itself qualitative benchmark.
  • It enables to develop strong OEM buyer. The OEM buyers in the international market require ISO 9001/QS9000 certifications.
  • It enables to face the challenges of global Competition.
  • It helps to reduce rejection leads to reduction of cost of production thus increases profitability.
  • It motivates suppliers to confirm to standard specifications.
  • Quality Awareness develops throughout the chain includes supplier & customer.
  • Customer satisfaction improves through compliance with customer requirements.
  • It develops the culture of System dependent and not person dependant.
  • It encourages correction & prevention action (CAPA), which leads to Profitability.
  • Internal quality audits find nonconformance, raises corrective action to prevent recurrence and Carries out a continuous monitoring of the system.
  • It upgrades the social status of all employees & develops Grapevine.
  • It develops customer confidence, which reduces customer audits.